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in front of Crowds



Every seat is filled. All eyes are looking at you. The room gets quiet.
You know what you have to say is important. You take a deep breath

and feel totally comfortable. 


Then someone asks a tricky question.

Or your computer dies.


But it doesn’t matter. You still feel at ease.

You know the points you have to make and where you are going. You have skills. Your voice is strong. Your audience is nodding. It’s going well.


This experience is totally possible.
Every time you present.


And I can distill the elements down for you.

Some of what I teach draws from neuroscience. Some of it draws from structuring your material so it works for your brain. Some of it revolves around specific techniques that few people are ever taught, but can be found in stand-up comedy or acting or improv.

All of this is learnable.

I promise.

But what's most important is that it works for you. The way you think. They way your body works. Which we will explore and I can distill and share with you. 

And of course, your material is vital too. You need to have key messages. And touch-points that you can remember that work for your audience. That's the final piece. (And yes, it also involves distilling.)

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