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Prior to her HBO interview, Ms. W was nervous. Her mind was scattered. The only thing she felt was dread.


She was worried she would feel pressured to give up more private details than she wanted. And that the interviewer would be working her to get "the dirt."

By the time the coaching was complete, however, she was looking forward to the interview.

And it went well.

On the evening of the debut of the HBO film, she wrote to say, "I saw BEAUTY on screen!"

She said the experience of being calm and in control during the interview was life-changing.

And she felt proud to have upheld her former husband's legacy.

[If you want to see HBO documentary on this well-known entertainer's life, just ask me for the name.]

75 New Families

Sonoma County's Foster Care Program had a problem. They needed 75 new families. Immediately.


A Child Protective Services department in CA wanted to change their reputation in the community. They were were being seen as "the cops."

To Be Completed

To Be Completed

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